Saturday, December 24, 2016


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It was a few days before Christmas

And all through the hospital,
patients were saying, "Why, this is impossible!
"To be stuck in this place at this time of year!
"To  be oh, so sick as Christmas draws near!"

Image result for reindeer flying in the skyIt's not ideal, I will confess,
The circumstances are not the best.
No turkey, no taters, no pumpkin pie.
No reindeer flying in the sky.

No  stockings hung by the chimney stack.
Of Christmas cheer, a dismal lack.
No carols sung, no candles aglow.
And not even a hint of snow!

It's sure not the Christmas we planned for all year.
And it's hard to find any Christmas cheer.
But let me remind you, before you turn glum
That despite your locale, Christmas will come.

It came long ago to a manger afar
No colorful lights, but a bright shining star.
The Infant had no soft baby things
Just straw and hay and three gifts from the Kings.

Where you spend Christmas has nothing to do
Image result for manger sceneWith the gift of a Savior God sent to you.
Whether at home or away this Christmas tide
The reason for the season cannot be denied.

Some will spend Christmas in foreign land
Protecting our shores so our freedoms will stand.
And some will man the emergency phones
Or serve meals to those homeless or alone.

No matter where you spend Christmas this year
Be glad in your hearts; Jesus is here!
Our Savior's the gift that brings true light.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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  1. This is wonderful, Linda. Such a great reminder it really is all about Jesus. Thank you for sharing.